Bikesharing at the Mondriaantoren 

Step 1: Register via Sign-Up Portal

To use the Rabobank e-bikes, you need to Register and create an account via the Sign-Up Portal

Go to Sign-Up portal

Step 2: Download the Moovlr app & Login

Note: Registering via the app is disabled due to privacy and security reasons. Please register via Sign-up Portal

How does it work?

  • You can use the e-bikes for free when you work at Rabobank
  • The bicycle numbers in the app correspond to the numbers on the back of the bicycle’s fender
  • You start the e-bike by activating the display
  • The bike should be returned on the same day before 20:00
  • When you put the bike in the bicycle storage and please put the bike with kickstand on the charging till

Step 3: Unlock bike

Unlock a bike using the Moovlr app. It is required to have bluetooth turned on in order to unlock the bike. Follow the instructions in the app

Step 4: Activate e-bike

Activate the bike by holding the button on top of the display for 3 sec.

Parking & charging

Step 1: Park

Park the bike onto an available plateau

Step 2: Position kickstand

Position the kickstand onto the Tiler charging tile.

Step 3: Lock e-bike

Lock the bike using the Moovlr app. Follow the instructions in the app.

Riding the Roetz Life bike

Support modes

Change the motor support with the arrow buttons on the display.


The Life bike has automatic shifting. Based on the speed and human power, the gearing is adjusted to optimize the riding experience

Need support?

Sign-up & use

If case of problems with the sign-up process, or when you are not able to open the e-bike lock, please reach-out to the Roetz Customer Care team on (+31) 020 – 8200 804

Stuck on the road

When you are stuck on the road due to an accident or an other incident, and cannot continue your ride, you can make use of an repatriation service of ENRA

You can reach the ENRA emergency center via telephone number (+31) 088 – 877 8044

Report a defect

You can report any defect or issue via the app, when returning the bike via the app.

Please use checkmarks. Extra karma points for any specification of the matter, that may help us resolve the issue faster.


U kunt gebruik maken van de pechhulp als u tijdens uw fietstocht onverwachts met pech langs de weg komt te staan. De pechhulpservice repareert uw fiets niet, maar zorgt ervoor dat u én uw fiets teruggebracht worden naar de startplaats van de (dag)fietstocht. U kunt ook bellen als u ten gevolge van een verkeersongeval niet meer verder kunt fietsen. Bij melding melding wordt u gevraagd om het fietsnummer (op achterspatbord) of framenummer (op staande zitbuis, bij trapas)

U kunt de ENRA alarmcentrale bereiken via telefoonnummer (+31) 088 – 877 8044

PS - Geldt niet bij pech binnen de eerste kilometer van het startpunt van uw (dag)fietstocht of bij een lege accu

Yes, we are working with our partners to offer both Roetz Life Memberships and employee bike lease. We expect to go live with this in July 2023. We will update our website when these options are available. If you have any questions in the mean time, please send us an e-mail:

Bikes are insured. No worries. However, according to the insurance policy, as a user you are responsible to report to the police.