Roetz Life membership

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Carefree cycling with the all-in membership

Step onto your own E-bike without worries for a fixed monthly fee. Includes insurance, maintenance, home service, and roadside assistance.

From €96,- per month

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Roetz Life membership:


 Your own Roetz Life e-bike

 Fixed monthly fee

 No upfront investment


 Damage due to accidents



 Home service within 2 business days

 Annual maintenance check

 Roadside assistance

Together we take care of your bike

It's no coincidence that we've developed an e-bike designed to last as long as possible. Ideally, a lifetime. That's why we, together with you, want take care of your e-bike. Maintenance and service are just as important to us as they are to you.

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Service at home

In case there's something wrong with your bike, we'll come to you within 2 business days to assist you. Right at your home or workplace. With our quick module swaps, you'll be back on your bike in no time!

Ride more, pay less

Riding the same e-bike for an extended period is a deliberate choice. At Roetz, we reward that, which means your monthly amount decreases every year in the first five years:

no carrier

one carrier (front or back)

two carriers (front and back)

1 year membership




2 year membership


€ 122,-

€ 124,-

3 year membership




4 year membership


€ 105,-

€ 106,-

5 year membership





In addition to the luggage carriers, you can add accessories as desired. Consider options like a crate, basket, or child seat. These are not included in the monthly fee, you can purchase these separately in the shop.


You are in charge. After 12 months, the membership is cancellable on a monthly basis. And if you want to keep riding the bike without the membership, you can choose to take over the bike at the end of the period at a reduced rate.

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Simply fill in this membership form. The request will then be received by us and we will contact you as soon as possible!

If you choose a 5-year membership directly, you'll pay €96 per month from the start. For instance, if you begin with a 2-year membership, you'll pay €120 per month for the first 2 years, and upon extension, you'll pay €112 for the third year.

The Roetz Life membership is an all-inclusive subscription that you arrange privately, outside of your work. With this membership, you are completely taken care of, from insurance to home service. The coverage for service is very comprehensive. Within leasing platforms, service often depends on the specific platform you order through.

If your employer is partnered with one of our leasing partners (Hellorider, Lease-a-bike, or Leasefiets), it might be more advantageous to lease through your work. This could allow you to deduct the monthly price from your gross salary or benefit from a contribution from your employer. First, check if your employer is affiliated with a leasing partner. If not, you can inquire about this yourself or opt for the Roetz Life membership.

If you want to lease through your employer, it's probably the best to lease through one of our leasing partners. Refer to the question above for more details.

Within the membership, you receive free service and repairs. With our home service within 2 business days, you'll always be quickly assisted.