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Our mission

In the Netherlands, each year one million bicycles become waste. We believe that no bike should be designed to end up in a landfill after use. We want to prove that it is possible to minimize the harm to our planet and at the same time provide the best experience for our riders. Join the circular mission, and start the ride of your Life.

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Discover the new Roetz Life e-bike in our Fair Factory in Amsterdam. The sneak peek includes a closer look at the 3D-printed e-bike model and a test ride on one of our latest prototypes.

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A future-proof frame, adaptable to your needs.

The stainless steel frame consists of two parts. This enables to reconfigure your bike into other bike types in the future. Think of a longtail cargo bike or speed pedelec.

Sustainable materials and unlimited service come together.

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"By choosing Roetz Life, you help to prevent the waste problems of the future"

Tiemen ter Hoeven - Founder

"You contribute to a social mission: empowering and educating people."

Ellen Heeres - Roetz Fair Factory

Be the first circular e-bike rider.

Together we can start a new, circular way of riding. Become one of the first Life riders. 

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