​A genuine Roetz Life e-bike 

Through a sustainable bike plan

Better for the planet

✔ On a 10-kilometer ride, an electric bike is ​ on average 

​  50 times cleaner than a car and 10 times cleaner than public transportation*

✔ So, while you cycle to work, 

​  you're also stepping up towards the circular economy.

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*based on data from Milieu Centraal

How to lease a bike through your employer.

Check if your employer has a bike plan.

No? Ask your employer to join one of our leasing partners.

Unable to lease through your employer?

And your employer isn't willing to join our leasing partners? Take a look at our

Calculate your costs

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*This calculator has been made possible with the help of Hellorider

Our lease partners

How leasing through your employer works

Employees can lease a bike through their employer. Many employers already offer this option and more are joining.

As an employee, you benefit financially. You receive a contribution from your employer, pay for the bike from your gross salary, and are allowed to use the bike for private trips.

An additional advantage: what you pay as an employee is deducted from your salary, resulting in lower taxes. This makes it even more cost-effective for you.

Better for your body

​Cycling is much healthier for your body than sitting in a car or public transportation.

This way, you arrive at work feeling fresh and lively.

Better for your mind

Cyclists don't get stuck in traffic or have to wait for the right metro, tram, or bus.

And you know it: the best ideas come to mind while cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions. And the answers.

We take care of that for you. Your monthly amount includes insurance with a €50 contribution. This covers you against damage and theft. 

Maintenance works like this: you receive a notification when our smart sensors detect that a module of your bike needs maintenance. 

We then come by to replace the module, whether you're at home or at work. 

If your bike breaks down without a notification, we still come by: replace the module, and you can continue right away.

It will be delivered within eight to ten weeks.

Yes, unless you live in a country other than the Netherlands or Belgium.

What do I do when my Roetz Life e-bike is broken or damaged?

Fill out the contact form as soon as possible or use the Roetz Life app. You can also email, call, or message: 

Mail: support@roetz.life

Tel: 020 8200 804 

We'll assist you within 48 hours, whether you're at home or at work. The process is straightforward: we replace the faulty module immediately so you can continue biking without delay.

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