Albert Heijn x Vandebron x Roetz - De stroomversnelling: Technologie en groene keuzes voor elk budget.

Introduction: This conversation promises to shed light on a remarkable alliance that spans across different sectors, all united by a common goal: sustainability. From discussing the genesis of this partnership to exploring the future of green energy and sustainable practices, this dialogue is more than just an exchange of ideas; it’s a glimpse into the future of corporate collaboration, sparked by small efforts to make a big impact in pursuit of a greener planet.

Let's delve into the motivations, challenges, and aspirations that have brought these individuals together, and explore how their collective efforts are shaping a more sustainable future.

Jeroen Rijskamp

Marketing manager Roetz

Michiel van der Linden

Spokesperson Vandebron

Martijn Pronk

Program manager Vandebron

Jeroen: "I'm here with Martijn Pronk, Vandebron’s program manager, and Michiel van der Linden, Vandebron’s spokesperson. We're diving into the unique collaboration with Roetz bikes. Martijn, your initiative ignited this three-way partnership with Albert Heijn. What was the spark behind this idea?"

Martijn: (smiling) "At Vandebron, we're not just about delivering green energy; we're about making a statement. Every household can go 100% green, and we're moving fast. The Netherlands has 50% green electricity. But the energy world is changing, and so must we. Traditional ads? Too expensive, too common. That's why we're on the lookout for partners, those who believe that small, collective steps can lead to a giant leap for our planet."

Michiel: (nodding in agreement) "Exactly. Our mission aligns well with Albert Heijn's journey towards sustainability. Their plans for a 'Sustainability Week' is exemplary hereof. Imagine, incentivizing a green energy switch with the chance to win a Roetz Life – a locally and socially produced symbol of circularity."

Jeroen: "And Albert Heijn’s role? Do their efforts mirror this message?"

Michiel: "Their eco-friendly push is visible right on their shelves. This partnership is not just about joining a trend; it's about paving the way for everyone, whatever your age, whatever your income. With the right technology, everyone can play their part in a more sustainable future through the seemingly small sustainable choices that vary from the groceries that you buy, to the way you get from A to B to how you power your devices or heat your home. Together, those choices can have a huge effect."


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Jeroen: "Ok, so let’s talk about that bigger picture. Vandebron exists for more than ten years now. Is the sustainability movement still making waves, or just noise?"

Martijn: "Waves, definitely. The surge in green energy suppliers is a testament to that. But the real game-changer? Green energy is no longer a luxury. It's affordable, and that's key."

Jeroen: "So, choosing Albert Heijn... It's about amplifying their green efforts to their customers?"

Michiel: "Precisely. It’s about making sustainability relatable and achievable to everyone who walks through their doors."

Jeroen: "But what about those on a tighter budget? Can green energy be for them too?"

Martijn: (excited) "Oh yes. That's where our app comes in. It's about smart energy use. Avoid the peaks, save money. It’s green energy for all, not just the few."

Jeroen: "And Roetz? How do they fit into this picture?"

Martijn: "Vandebron is evolving, from energy supplier to energy innovator. By giving our customers insights in their energy usage and the greenest moments of the day. Now imagine your electric car or your washing machine only using power when it’s cheap and green. That's the future we're building, and it’s not far away either."

Michiel: “It’s about rewarding green habits, not just energy production."

Jeroen: "To conclude, it sounds like we're at a pivotal moment. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a collaborative movement reshaping our world. Thanks to technologies and partnerships like these, we're making strides in the right direction."

Martijn: "Absolutely, and we invite everyone to join us in taking those first steps towards a greener tomorrow."

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